Sunday, May 27, 2012

Buh Bye!

At the time of writing this, I am less than 45 hours away from leaving for the lake, but about 55 hours till I am actually there.  I have been mentally ready to go for the past couple months. Physically ready(meaning my stuff packed and sent away since wednesday.  I have one more tub to go up that I am sending tomorrow.  This year I am ready.  Lets put it this way.....Last year I took about 55 recipes with me.  This year I have tripled that, I am currently sitting on over 165 recipes.  So many fun things that I can't wait to do/to play with.

Yesterday, I have played my last hand of poker for who knows how long.  I'm currently thinking not until the end of the summer of 2013.  There are other things I want to focus on before that.  But the main reason why I'm not playing anymore is because of the gross suck outs that are happening.  I'm tired of them.  I will still follow the WSOP to see what is happening there, but other than that, no poker! Won't play any of the nightly games at the lake, well maybe 1 to see if I really miss it or not.  I will also deal for one of the guests that come up at the end of june. But not play.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What would I do with the $5000 Best Blogger Prize?

That is the question posed by Pokerstars at the moment to anyone that blogs.
What WOULD I do with $5000? First off, I would play higher HU SNGs. At the moment, I am playing $3.50's, I would definitely play the $7.00's, I would play more MTTs and I might even go play one of Regina, Saskatchewan's tournaments at their Station Poker Classic in just over a months time. That is where I had my biggest cash. I had went to play the $500 tournament a few years ago, busted out just before supper. Played a few satellites for the $1000 tournament the next day, and I won my way into it in the last one of the night. And I finished 8th out of 212, for a payday of just over $6200. It is a tournament I won't forget. And then, I would spend the rest of the stuff on fishing equipment....A couple new rods, a couple new reels, get a fly-tying vice and all the appropriate material, and tie my own flies. And if there was anything left over now, then I would take a weekend and go to Florida or Louisiana and do some redfish fishing.

As you probably can tell, I love to fish. I work at a fishing lodge during the summer, heading back up there this summer for my seventh year. I get to go out fishing whenever I please, which is a huge benefit. And this winter I went ice fishing for the first time in December. I have been out virtually every weekend since the middle of December. I spent all of New Years Day fishing.
Back to the original task at hand here, talking about the $5000 that Pokerstars has decided to give me. Another thing I would end up doing is possibly finding someone that has good grammar skills, and I would write up my blogs and have them check it for me, and make sure they are telling me to blog. As I will do it for awhile, then other things come up and I push it to the back burner. For example......Fishing.
Now if you happened to look at me, you wouldn't think that I am an outdoorsy type of person, but I am. Fishing, campfires, biking in the woods, getting into hunting are all part of my life. (wow, I never knew outdoorsy was an actual word. Spell check isn't telling me to correct it. Hmm, you learn something new everyday).
Why do I start writing about the $5000, and then all of a sudden I go back to talking about fishing? I must have it on my mind right now. Or it could possibly be the fact that I haven't been out in almost 2 weeks.....Must be going through withdrawal right now. I hope it isn't that.
I can't believe I managed to type all that in a matter of minutes, things seem to flow really well when you are really passionate about something. Now looking at this blog post, I am thinking that it is at least 500 words. I wonder what Pokerstars would do if I was one word short. Disqualify me? Try it. Besides, I don't actually know how many words that is, and I am NOT gonna count it. I am just hoping that it is good.
Tight Lines & Big Pots.....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Its been awhile

Its been over 6 months.
What have I done since then?
Went to the lake a few days after the last post, I was up there 2 weeks before the office staff showed up, and then a few days after them, the rest of the staff showed up. This season was another great year. In my 6 years there, this was the best year for first years. I stayed for bear camp again. This is the second year in a row that I worked a 130 day stretch.
After I got back, I bought a brand new vehicle. A 2011 Mazda Tribute.
Then took a couple weeks off. Went to Edmonton for Thanksgiving weekend.
Started working again the tuesday after Thanksgiving. I'm currently working Mon and Tue mornings at the Saskatoon Club, Wed and Thurs morning at Las Palapas, and a couple nights a week at Don Cherry's bartending.
Moved into a condo in the south part of town with Clayton again.

Now the plan?

Keep working. And my goal is to play minimum 100 HUSNG games in the month of December and have a profit. No 4man/8man shootouts count towards this. Or not any Saturday duels, or the HU KO Turbo tournaments. Just 2 man HUSNGs. Normal speed or turbos only.
I've said this before, but, I'm gonna try to keep up to date more on posting.
In december I will do a daily post as to how that days games went. And I'll do a more in-depth weekly post.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I just wonder why I make things so hard on myself. I wish I never had AA (and I'm not talking about alcoholics anonymous), or at least I wish it wasn't as bad as it is. Half of this would be awesome. I gamble, its a gamble, why is it tough? I just need to vent. I just need (prolly WANT is the better word) to get this monkey off my back. There are other people worse off than I am, but how they can cope with it, is beyond me, I commend them. I know to relax, and not to put so much pressure upon myself, but its tough seeing it come so easy to other people, and here I struggle. I know negativity is not the answer, and people don't like negativity, and I honestly don't think I am. I sure hope this summer goes well for me. Back to the lake on tuesday. Then thats 2 weeks where I can pretty much stop thinking about this, then on the 30th, I will be thinking of it again, but this time as a game plan. I need to go shoot some gophers tomorrow. But the wind is gonna be out (30km/hr) which sucks. We'll see.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling confident!

Well, I had a HU condensed course with Brokerstar at TagPoker, and a week ago I had a 1 on 1 leakfinder over skype with him. I was playing the $2s before that skype. Then I was playing the $5s and last night I was taking a few shots in the $10s. I didn't put in a lot of volume, reason why I jumped so fast is because I had T$ to use and that helped build my account. Before my session I would rarely make it past round 2 of the $10.50 HU KO Turbos on Stars, In the past week, I have played 2 of those $10.50s, First one I lost in the 2nd round. I just finished another one and finished 2/256 (good for a cash of $291 (including bounties)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Guess I haven't been updating as much as I should. Since my last post, not much has changed. Had a session with Brokerstar for the HU SNGs, and I have been doing pretty good in them. I'm about 65% win rate for the year (thats about 75 games). My session with The Maven is next week.
I was signed up to play the blog tourneys this week, I forgot about it for the first couple tourneys, then played a NLHE, was playing well. After awhile a guy got moved to my table that had been opening up quite abit and being just really loose (he was a SuperNova Elite). He raised PF, I 3bet shoved he snaps with AQ, he turns the flush. Then I have 1 more ticket to use. I know I can't use it friday or saturday, so it was either wed or thurs. Thurs, it started at 1pm (I am still at work) and wed starts at 9pm (my bed time), so I used it on wed. But the tourney on Wed was a PLO8 (pretty sure the first time I've ever played that game) I was getting unbelievably lucky and running hot. I ended up finishing 88/489, I got an $11 SCOOP seat, and a seat into the blog main event on sunday.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The start of my re-blogging

Like I said, I'm gonna try to blog more often (hopefully once a week)
While typing this, I'm watching the BCS Championship game (Auburn v Oregon), Go Auburn. The owner of the lodge, one of his sons is the back up long snapper for AU. And Auburn just hit their 2nd interception. This will be a good game!
What else is new?
-I watched a few HU SNG videos, and since watching them, I am 7-3 (I should be minimum 8-2, but I called an over shove with bottom pair against a fish when he held an over pair)
-I have been playing alot of Call of Duty: Black Ops lately, I am currently level 3 prestige. Its gross how far some people have played (I've seen someone at level 14 prestige already)
-Gonna start going to the pool on Friday nights, starting this friday. I am looking forward to that.
-Sometime next week I'm gonna be doing my training session with The Maven. He's busy this week with playing and training other students.
-I've got the place to myself for the next week (actually for the past couple weeks I've had the place to myself), since my roommate is in Texas doing sports shows for the lodge.
Other than that, I'm not sure if anything else is new.

Monday, January 3, 2011

It all changes now!

Oh ya, I should prolly say what the graph is about. It is my graph on Full Tilt (this graph is nothing but Regular Speed NLHE HU SNGs)

Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 New Years Resolutions

In no particular order, it is the way they came to me:

1) Make money and save money (not spending it frivolously, like eating out alot etc)
2) *** ** ****** ****** (that means, only I know what it is)
3) Get a new PB pike (little bit out of my control though, but the more I go fishing the better the chances are)
4) **** * **** ** ****
5) Get my 1st 5 figure score
6) Gain weight. I’m thinking an increase of 2 lb/week is a reasonable idea/shot. I’m gonna weigh myself every night before I go to bed. With that....instead of eating 2 big meals throughout the day, I’m gonna eat 4 small meals/snacks and 2 bigger meals. Also make them healthy meals.
7) Exercise more, and make them be more intense, than what they usually are
8) Beginning of 2010 I did cut back on pop/sweets, but late in the spring I started back on the sweets more, I also had the occasional pop. So I’m gonna keep this one going.
9) Blog once a week
10) Not play any table games this year
11) ********* **** * ***** ****

That seems like enough to keep me going, and if you ask what the stars are, I will not tell you. So don't even bother asking, and no they are not dirty (if that is what you are wondering why they are only in stars)

2010 Resolutions...How did I do?

1 ) Run like a god - however, someone says that will be broken within 5 minutes, and I don't doubt that at all. - FAIL!
a) stop complaining about how bad I run - FAIL
2) Stop saying FML so much, I will keep saying it, but I won't say it as much. In the past 2 weeks, I have actually started it and haven't said it quite abit - I still say it, but it is rare now.
3) Stop (atleast not as much) complaining about bad beats, and letting them get to me. - FAIL
a) Especially if I get it in with the dominating hand and lose (ie AK v A7 and lose), and you know who you are, you should try this as well..... LOL - FAIL
4) By the end of the year to be regularly playing the $30 HU SNGs and DoNs. FAIL
5) Get my first 5 figure score FAIL
6) Start going to the gym....and go regularly, to get into shape FAIL
7) Get an overall positive outlook on life not really a fail, but not really a win

Hmmmmm, maybe 2011's resolutions will be better.