Sunday, November 30, 2008

I cracked.....

I went and played at the Dunes saturday (even though I didnt wait til the end of the month) played 1/2 and bought in for 100, and played in a playover seat, finally a spot opened at the feeder table and I moved there, and after a while I was BB the UTG raised, one caller, I pick up KK, UTG pushes caller folds and I call, he flips JJ, Kings hold. Then they start a 2/5 table and I move over to the main 1/2 game. I slowly grinded up, won small pots, lost some small pots, won a couple big pots. the one hand, EP limper, MP raises to 15, call call, I call on button with Qc10c, EP calls. flop is 8-9-x, check raiser bets 20, call call, I call getting odds, EP folds, turn blanks, checks all the way around, river is J, raiser bets 30, next guy raises to 80, fold, i push for ~200. fold, fold. 400 pot. Then awhile later, it seemed like my BB was getting raised every time so, when a guy (he was playing 9.5/10 hands preflop) raised to 12, I decided to 3bet it with any 2 cards, there was one caller, I look down at Ks9s. I put it to 30. MP calls, now its HU, flop is Q9x (2 diamonds) I bet 35, he calls. turn 5 (now 2 diamonds, 2 hearts) I bet 55, he calls. river another heart, I ask him how much he has left (he said 68) I bet 70 puttin him all in. going through my head, if i check hes gonna bet then i would probably have to call (with the amount in there, but instead of me having to make that decision to call, lets put the onus on him) he folds showing 10-J for the busted open-ender. and people at the table were saying I had AA, I said no, then they changed their mind to KK, I showed them the Ks.
Earlier at the table I raised to 5 with AA, and got paid off, and I was raising to 5 with suited connectors, and other cards, then I raised to 5 with KK, and had 5 callers. flop K-Q-K. :) checks around, turn is an A, checks to loose player he bets, a couple callers, I call. river another Q, I bet 20, everyone folds. after an 11 hr seesion up 700. Welcome back.

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