Friday, November 14, 2008

Regina Pt 1

Got into regina around 6 Thurs night. and got to the casino about 7. First thing I did was head to the show lounge and sign up for a satellite for either of the two event, played a $110 for saturdays $1K tournament, and went heads up and won about 6 straight hands of heads up. finally the other guy had about 400 more than me, and we talked out a deal, and I got the seat (I paid him for it, so now I am playing in saturdays tournement. played a couple $60 satellites for fridays touranament, and the best I did was 3rd. Went and had supper with a few buddies, and got a free meal, as I didn't lose the the flip for the bill. :) THen played 2/5NL, sat down with 250, and built it up to almost 500 (without having to show my cards once) finally someone called me on the river (with 4 diamonds out there, and I had the King of diamonds) but the most interesting hand of the night.....
still at 2/5, UTG makes it 15, a couple callers, I call on the button with KcQc, SB calls, BB folds. flop: Kd 10d Xx. checks to me on the button, I bet 25, SB (who has the table covered with about 1200) raises to 75 (first hand I put him on is flush draw), everyone folds, I call. turn Ad, he thinks and plays with his chips, and checks, I check. river is Qd, he checks after about 10 or so seconds, and I check, flipping over 2 pair, he flips over QsJd. Ya, he checked the royal on the river. Was he really expecting a bet out of me? THen while he is stacking his chips he calls his buddy to tell him that he hit a royal, I should have said to him that he should tell his buddy what he did on the river.
Finally got some of a craps fix taken care of before I left the casino.
Now off to the casino for the $500 freezeout, I'll post updates when I get back (after winning)! Gotta think positive.

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