Sunday, November 16, 2008

Regina Pt 2 - 500 freezeout

They planned on having this tournament start at noon sharp (thats what they told me when I registered) however, didn't start til about 12:30. Things got off to a great start. First hand of the tourney, pick up AA in MP, I raise, had one caller, flop comes AKx 2 spades. check I bet cuz of the flush draw. call. turn A for quads. he checks, i figure if i check he'll know i'm on an ace, so i bet, and he folds, I show for the high hand. I played a few hands here and there, none that I can really remember, except one that if I decided to get fancy with (3s4s) UTG, I was actually thinking about raising, but folded instead, I would have turned the 7 high straight flush. Broke our table and get moved to the table with the eventual winner. folded a few hands, then raised and took the blinds, then the next hand, the 2nd card was dealt face up, and the dealer kept dealing, i said that it was a mis-deal, dealer said no its not, so whatever, i pick up 88, i raise the BB (eventual winner) re-raises me, i push figuring he was on a re-steal. he calls tabling QQ, out i am. A couple hours later I was thinking about it, and I should have called the floor over and asked them about the mis-deal. I think the dealer just didnt want to have to re-shuffle. Lazy A$$. Then played 1/2 and went broke, went for supper, then played 2/5 and didnt get anything going there, it was a fairly lax table, and then a whole bunch of the winnipeg crew sat down and then the action happened. there was once a blind raise of 25 - blind re-raise of 500 (max buyin) blind call, blind call. Huh? then someone called with AdKd, and I dont remember the hands that were tabled, but AK won with a flush on the turn.
1K freezeout quick result. placed 33rd of 215 (22 paid) I'll go into detail in a day or two.

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