Sunday, November 16, 2008

Regina Pt 3 - 1K freezeout

215 people entered, 57K for 1st, early on didnt get much going, got a few small pots, won a decent sized one when I raised UTG with 10-10 and flopped a set. then lost a few 77 vs 10-10. AQ when it didnt hit. got moved to a new table, and stole a few blinds then while blinds were 400-800, i had 10K (well below avg) I raised UTG to 2100 with 66, folds to SB, and it looked like he wanted to push, but just flat calls, and then the BB jams it, I end up folding, and the SB calls, SB - AK, BB - 66 and holds. then an orbit later on the SB, MP raises i push with 66, he insta-calls showing AA, board went 3-4-5 - 5 - 2. then i get moved again, and then stole a few blinds, took down a pot when I called a MP raise on the SB with 99, and the flop was Q-x-x and i bet out and they all folded. next hand was an interesting one... MP goes all in for 1K (not enough for the BB) cutoff calls, I call on button with AQ, SB completes, BB raises, cutoff re-raises all in, i end up folding, as with the SB (we showed each other our hands, she had 3-4) anyways, the BB called, and had Ac8c, MP had A10, cutoff JJ. flop was 5-6-7. turn 9. and the MP and cutoff are out. breaking out table again, get moved play one hand before the break and stole the blinds with 8-5o. kept grinding out a small stack, knocked someone out when they went all in UTG i called with QQ in LP it was QQ vs 88, QQ held. There were 2 hands I wish I could have played differently......1st one...I wished I played it, i normally hit a set when i have pocket 5's but the chip leader sits at our table and i figured he might try to start to bully, so I folded 55 UTG, chipleader limps, SB completes, BB checks, flop 6-6-5. GIN. damnit. checked around, turn 5. bigger DAMNIT! check check bet, raise, fold, fold. i would have picked up a nice sized pot.
then i doubled up through the big stack to my right with KQ and he had A6 - K on flop and turn. 2nd hand I wish I could re-play.... in EP someone raises folds to me, I push with AdJd, EP raiser snap calls out of position - OOPS. knew instantly he had AA or KK, pretty sure it was AA. everyone else folds, he has AA, A on flop.....leaves me severely cripple with 1500 (blinds were 2K/4K) kept folding to BB and allin blind on BB, 3 people to flop (2 on the side) board went 9-9-3-A-x, the side pot was chopped with a pair of 3's , i flipped mine over one at a time, and ended up flipping QQ. triple up. folded my SB, folded all the way to the BB again, someone raised, he had AK, i had 3c5c, i flopped the open ender, turned the flush draw, river bricks, out I am in 33rd (22 paid - they ended up cutting a deal giving 23th, 24th, 25th each $1K. railed the tournament and the 5/10NL game, one sick hand in the tournament I watched, limp UTG, LP raises, calls, flop was 10c-Xc-3s. UTG bets 35K, LP pushes, UTG calls. UTG had Ac3c, LP had AA, turn 3c, river case Ace. it took almost 2 hours to go from 14 players to the final 10.
I feel like I played well in the tournement, made a couple mistakes, But I am gonna play in the Dunes tournament tonight, then take the rest of November off, just to re-group, have been running kinda bad.
side note, happy birthday me. (nov 17th) - the 57K would have been a great bday present.

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