Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow, I'm Lazy

Happy Holidays Everyone.
I just realized that I haven't updated the blog in awhile. Hope everything was good for all of you christmas', family and friends travelled safe, you travelled safe, raked in monster pots?
As for me, everything went well. A few weeks ago I booked my flights to LA, to play in one maybe 2 of the preliminary tournaments. I'm just excited to go on a holiday, not only that to play in a card room (Commerce) that they know what they are doing, and the rules don't change from floor to floor. Also, less than a 10 minute walk from Commerce Casino is an outlet mall. I also just might hit Rodeo Dr.
I have been playing at the Dunes a couple times a week, some good days, some bad days. Friday night, was a sick table......there was atleast 4 terrible players, and when I mean terrible, they were caling 1/2 pot bets on the river with busted open enders, or calling on the river with 4th pair. finally, I'm sitting just over 500 (this is 1/2NL) I'm SB with 3h4h, 6 to the flop of 9c2h5h, i bet $3, BB decides to raise me to 10, call, cutoff min raises to 17, I call, call call. turn is 6c, I bet 42, BB folds, MP (the guy that called the river with 4th pair) he calls, and asks if he can take money out of his pocket *red flag should have went up*. river Kd, I bet 101 (putting MP player allin, he calls, and asks if he can take more money out of his pocket *this time the red flag went up, and I figured him for 7-8*, cutoff calls, i flip my 6 high straight, cutoff flips QQ (not sure why he called the river) finally MP flips the 7-8 for the higher straight. I was on mega tilt. Finally I brought my stack back up to 500 before I left. I was playing one of the best sessions I have played in a long time. I called 4 hands perfect, one of them I almost folded the wheel on the river I knew she had the flush and I paid her off. I was only a $10 bet on the river, and there was only 25 or so in the pot.

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