Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Feel Good.

Have been playing regularly at the Dunes, 3 out of 4 days I'm leaving with over 200% of what I buy in for, which is a plus. I played the sunday tournament a couple days ago, just so I get a feel for a live tournament feel again (since I've been playing just cash games lately), As I am gonna be playing in the sunday tournament at the Commerce casino in LA in a few days. In the Dunes tournament, there was 54 people, top 5 paid with 6th getting $100, I am optimistic for going into LA, I played really well. Played position mostly. When I got knocked out 3 and a half hours in (I finished 13th) I only had to show 6 hands - 4 of them were because there was an all-in. I played small ball, increasing my stack.
The hands I showed, 1st I raised UTG+2 with KK, everyone folded, BB accidently flipped a king, and I showed that I had one of them, then I showed the other. Next one, someone pushed I re-pushed with 66, it was 66 vs QJ, 6's held. Next time, I had QQ on BB, the SB raised I re-raised. He folded, I showed. Next, I raised MP with 99, girl reraises allin, I call she has AQ, A in door card. next hand I was on tilt, UTG I jammed with Q4, SB called. Q4 vs JJ, board went AKx-10-J. lol. Then on button, MP goes allin for 4500, cutoff calls I have AK, I push for 14K, cutoff calls. MP 55 vs. cutoff Ah9h vs. me AK. board: 9xx-5-9. Out I am.
I am optimistic for this tournament, After replaying the hands in my head, I feel I only misplayed 1 hand, maybe 2. the BB QQ, I should have just called, and let him hang himself, but if an A or K hit the flop. I would have to bail. The only reason why I re-popped it, is because I lose so much money with Queens. The other hand I misplayed is the AK, I should have just called, and then we check it down, most likely he would bet the flop and I would fold. saving myself ~9K, to rebuild.
See you in LA.

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Rake said...


I will be in Long Beach in February. Do you have any suggestions on nearby poker rooms (Commerce or Bike or other)

Thanks for any help.