Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

The new year started off not so good, played 1/2 and lost a couple hundred. A few times I got lucky, a few times not so much, lost a huge chunk when I had AQ vs A4, flop was A-4-10, I was hesitating about going back the next day (just cuz it was too cold), and decided to. Bought in for 100, and just kept building. I went up to 150ish when I was SB with 10-7, and 6 to the flop of Q-A-7, one guy bet, i decided to call, another call, turn brick checked around, river another brick, I bet, and everyone folded. I doubled up with AK vs A10 when an Ace hit flop. Then stacked someone when I played 7d8d, and a LP raised, 2 calls, I called. flop was 6d9dQd, someone pushed allin (~110) into a 60 pot, I re-pushed for 220, the other guys folded, he flipped Q6 for two pair. Less than an orbit later, I limp in the cutoff with Ks5s (which for some reason I did, and I never play unless I'm in the blinds and there is no raise), and the flop was K55. one guy bet I called, button called, turn brought a possible club flush out there. I bet 25, button raised to 75, I thought for awhile, and called. river bricked, I checked (I know it was a kinda ballsy check) but the button is a really aggressive player, so I felt even if he had just a king he was gonna bet, and he bet 80, I pushed all in. he thought for awhile and mucked 2-5 face up. I showed him the King, and for the rest of the night he still believed I bluffed him. But I'm not gonna check-raise all-in on the river unless I have a huge hand.
I move seats (I like being on the ends) and I just kept picking up small pots. I showed a 6d8d bluff on a board of 10-2-7--x--J, and the guy thought I had 8-9. then I got paid off with 99 when I raised to 5, button (the aggro from the K5 hand) raises and the blinds call, I call. flop is 9-3-2 rainbow. BB bets 42, I raise to 102. folds to him he jams for almost 400, I snap call. he flips JJ, I now take my stack to over 1200 (still all from 100) .
I was getting hit in the face with the deck which was great, but I did make a few great plays.
I finally leave after 9 hours of play up 1K.
Less than 3 weeks til LA and the Commerce Casino. Should be a great time.

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