Sunday, February 1, 2009

LA Part 1

Arrived in LA mid afternoon on saturday. And United didn't put my luggage onto my flight from Denver to LA, so I could either wait at the airport for it, or have them deliver it to the hotel, which is what they did. I didn't get it til the next morning though. Commerce is a great place to play.
But I went and played a $40 satellite, where the winner get 3 - 100$ tournament buyin chips and $35 in chips. I went HU and the other guy had a 2-1 chip lead. I offered a deal of him taking 200, me 100, and we flip for the 35. he counters with him taking 235, me 100. I said that we'll play it out. I just pushed a few times chipping up. Then when the blinds are 300-600, I was BB with 6d7d. he min raises on the button, and i'm not gonna fold suited connectors to a min raise (maybe if it was an uber tight player that only plays 1 hand every 2 hours) so I call. flop is 10c9d8d. GIN - flop the straight and the straight flush redraw. I bet (not sure how much) he raises, I push he snap calls. I show, and he flips out at the dealer and shows 10-2. turn 5d for the straight flush, now he has like 1200 or so. I fold my button cuz I know he's gonna push with any 2 and i had something like J high or Q high. next hand I have Q4, flop brings rags. check check. turn 4. before I could do anything he checks out of turn, I bet 700, he pushes I call. he flips K high. river bricks and I win with a pair of fours. I win the satellite. Maybe he should have taken the deal.

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