Thursday, February 5, 2009

LA Part 2

I probably should have done updates awhile ago, cuz I don't remember much. Other than was one card away from having the winning hand in the Bad Beat Super Jackpot. i had 99, guy had 22, flop was Q92-2-x only if the 9 on the river. And had suffered some sick beats. 77 vs A10 vs 89. flop 10-7-x. SB is all in for 30, BB calls, i push BB tanks and finally calls. turn A, river A. another As9s vs 89o. flop 8s6s2s, turn 6, river 6. ran KK into AA. I had fun while in LA. Would definately go again. As for now, I am trying Negreau's challenge, however, I am doing it on Doyles Room, since thats the only site that I have money. I started on Feb 1st with $92 and change. I'm gonna follow Daniel's rules (the ones he does for moving up in limits) I won't be keeping an extensive results as he does though, but I'm currently in my 3rd session (all of them at .05/.10NL) and from the $92 I have 105.08, will be moving into the .10/.20NL next time. I may stay at .05/.10NL til I get to roughly $125, just since I didn't play much at the lower levels.
I'll try to keep you up to date more frequently.

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