Monday, February 23, 2009


As with anyone, I hate losing. Especially when I flop trips, and lose to runner runner straight. Here is an example.....tight 1/2NL table, I bought in for short and was down to about 35 I raised MP to 14 blind. LP calls, flop is JJK. I push (still blind) pot sized bet. He asks if I have AK, and finally calls tabling K10, I say that I played the whole hand blind. I flip them over one at a time. 4s. Js. Turn Q. River 9. Later. I was getting sh*t on. Min raising to 4 with QQ, person to my left raises to 20, SB calls, I re-pop it to 83, he calls, SB pushes for 116. Call Call. flop 10 high. I push he hesitates finally calls, SB has JJ, me QQ, other person KK. Kings held. Then was down to 55 on a $5 straddle. tight player calls, then guy grabs one chip to call but goes back and grabs a raise to 15. I sensed weakness, I decided to push with any 2 cards. QJ. $55 all in. tighty folds (found out on the flop he folded AJ) raiser finally calls. flips A10. dealer decides to put the flop out there one card at a time. Door card is J, next card A, last flop card J. Tighty folded the full house. Turn 8. River - case ace. I decide I'm not playing for a couple weeks.
I go back saturday. I just had that urge to gamble, and play loose. I win 1 pot in a matter of an hour and a half. and it was only a $12 pot. I am taking off playing til Fri Mar 6 (just because the guys of 'Whose Line is it Anyway' are doing a show at the Dunes) I also know when I need to take a break when I start playing/ wanting to play every hand. I realize I don't update often. But don't expect anything for the next couple weeks.
In another news, I started going to the gym just over a week ago. And startinf to feel good. I would like to get into going every couple days, but I'm still lazy and only going when I feel like it. so far in 10 days i've went 3 times.

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