Thursday, March 19, 2009


I think the thing that will help me through my funk right now is to be more disciplined. So for now, no more live games, as boring as it may sound, I'm gonna play $2 HU SNG on Full Tilt, and play .01/.02 NL on Stars. Nothing higher, until I hit $110 on FT, then I'll move to $5 HU SNG, and $25 on PS then I'll move to 2c/5cNL. I started the HU SNG on FT on Wednesday the 18th, had three sessions
1st session: 4-4
2nd session: 10-3
3rd session: 4-0 (I was gonna play more, but the last match I played I started to gamble more (game went 90+ hands) So I decided to play some 1c/2cNL instead.

And after 2 sessions at 1c/2cNL I am up 1.64 (108 hands) And while writing this I have played 5 hands (just started) and already up 34c. I am hoping playing micro limits, I can stop playing hands that I normally would fold.
I just stacked a guy, MP raised to 8c, button calls, I have AA in SB, I make it 24c, BB calls, MP folds, button calls. Flop is Td 4h 5c, I bet 30c into 80c. BB folds, and button pushes. I call. 2c. Qd. AA holds. He has TcJh.
So now after 9 hands I am up 2.48, At the rate this is going, I might be at 2c/5c, right away.

Til then......

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