Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have found the secret

To flopping sets. As crazy as it sounds, I would say it works about 65% of the time (disclaimer: that's a rough number, not exact). Now, I know you are yelling at your computer screen, and saying "Well, what is the secret??" I'm sorry, but I can't divulge that information, I don't need you guys flopping sets against me.

Discipline update:
FTilt: Currently playing (this session, I am 18-12) - Overall I'm 103-72 in the $2's. If I win this match I will have a profit of 35.25 from when I started last wed.
Observations I have made in playing the $2 HU:
1) If the pot is atleast 4X the BB, and the OOP player bets the min, and you call, and bets min on turn you can pop it and have a good chance on taking the pot down.
2) If you win a big pot (whether sucking out, having a big hand or making a big call), more often than not, they will push on the next hand
PStars: I haven't played on there since wed when I took a beating, may play later today there, not sure.

As for playing live, I'm gonna be heading out to DDC on tuesday, since they are giving away a Vegas trip, and I've got entries in the drum. I wish I had went down to Regina this past weekend for their Station Poker Classic, but, I took a fairly big hit earlier in the month, so I decided against it, guess I will make it down in November (Can't in July for two reasons, I will be at the lodge all summer, and there is a rumour that they are renovating and won't be running the tournaments.

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