Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interesting Article and Update

Mucking AA pre-flop?

Discipline Update:
The other day I had a 162 hand session, and was up 3 or so dollars at one point, and the one hand UTG I had AA, I raised to 6c, call, guy re-raises me to 18c (I think), call, I re-pop all in, fold guy calls, board ran out QJx-x-Q, ya he had AQ. But I managed to rebuild a bit. Then today played 32 hands, and made a profit of 3.22, I only won 2 hands, had KK on SB and had 2 people to flop of KJx, bet call, fold. turn 8, I bet he calls, river 8, I bet he calls, showing KQ.
Then in LP I open raised to 6c with 6d4s, and had 3 callers, flop was AKQ (with one diamond) checked around. Turn Qd, I bet 1/2 pot, one caller, river another diamond, I bet again and they folded.
So after 9 sessions (8 of them winning sessions) and playing 478 hands, I am up $10.93 (only $2.91 til I move to the 2c/5c NL

They make me wanna go on tilt. Saturday I went 3-7, got my money in with the best of it, and they sucked out, I flop top two, guy flops bottom pair, money goes in on flop, he turns he other pair for a higher two pair. Or a guy will hit trips on river. I have AJ vs KQ, flop Axx, turn 10, river J. I have JJ he has 33, flop is 3 clubs, turn another club (neither of us hold a club) river is J of clubs.
Today was abit different though. I raise on button with As9x, he min-raises me, I call, flop is Q high all spades, turn another spade, I now have the nuts, I check the 'check' box, and he checks, river is another spade (the nuts out there is Js9s, or 9s7s for the straight flush) pot is about 500 or so, he goes all in for ~1200, I snap call, he has 77 (with the spade)
Currently I am 42-25 in the $2 HU SNG (Haven't played anymore of the $5 yet) and have a profit of $18.70

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