Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is it over?

After having put in three consecutive wins last week, I was looking optimistic that my bad run was over, however, I think its not. These are a few of the hands that really got to me this past week.

JJ vs KK
JJ vs AT (A on flop)
JJ vs 88 (8 on flop)
A7 vs A9 (I was SB, I completed flop A78, I bet 5, call, raise to 20, I re-raise to 105, fold call. I put the guy all in on the turn blind, turn K, he calls shows A9, river K)

6s7s vs 88 (flop 8s-9s-10h, I bet half the pot, call, turn A again half pot, call, river A, I put him all in he calls)
AK vs KQ (flops two pair)

KTo vs 3 players --- Flop is Ah-Qs-Js, I bet half pot, call call call. Turn Q, check bet 20, I pop it to 101 (I like betting the odd numbers) guy goes all in for ~60, SB calls, bettor calls. Pot is now at over 450. River 9, SB goes all in for 105, call, I gotta call (I had only 60 left) SB tables Q9 for running full house, other suy shows KQ, first all in mucked.
J9 (BB) vs AJ - flop is KQx, checked around, turn 10, I bet he minraised me, I pushed he calls.
I left after I tilt massive re-raised when I was SB and the button raised (he had JJ, And I don't want to say what I had)

AK vs K10 - KQx flop, brick on turn, 10 on river.
7h5s vs 10h6h - we both turn flush.

I know I have put bad beats on people before, but 95% of the time its when the money has went in preflop and it was inevitable. Or when I would be behind on flop and I was the aggressor in the hand and people are trying to trap me, but I get lucky (see last weeks post about my 8-5 hand)
It just seems this past week I would have a hand, someone had just slightly better than me.
Now onto the title of the blog: Friday night on the drive home was the first time I've ever seriously thought about quitting playing poker. Instead I am gonna take a week off from playing whether it be live or online. I'm still gonna keep reading forums and watching it, but not gonna play, I want to clear my head of this sick beats.

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