Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last night and Razz.

As I'm writing this, I am playing a $10 Razz tourney on FT, and the hand that spinks said nh to, I had (10d-6d)3c-6s-10s-9s(5d) the other guy had (x-x)4d-7c-8c-Jd(x). I took it down on a 7th street bet. There is 5 left and I am jumping between 1st and 2nd in chips. Payouts are $160, 100, 64, 44, 32.
Any ways onto last night, Played 1/2 bought in for 100, and it was a pretty good table, some soft spots, and a couple tough players, Some memorable hands, early in the night there was a few limpers, I limp with 7c5c, flop is AcJcxc. Soft player bets 10, I raise to 25, he calls, turn is a low red, he checks I push and he finally calls. He has a set of Jacks. I double up. My stack hovered between 120 and 200 for quite awhile. Finally there was a straddle to 5, 1 or 2 limpers, on the button I instantly raised to 22, just the straddle calls. flop is 6Q6, he checks I bet 25 and calls, turn is 4 check check, river is a beautiful 7 - now you are thinking I have 77, think again. he checks and I ask him how much he has, and replies with about 70, I put him all in and he tanks and finally call, I table 85o. :) I then lost a decent pot and sitting with about 260.

And right here is where I busted out of the Razz tourney in 3rd place.

Back to last night....

One guy raises to 5 in EP, a few callers, I call on the button with 7s2s. SB calls, BB pops it to 16, there is 4 callers and I know SB is calling, so I call. flop is Ks10sxs. GIN. check check UTG bets 25, folds to me, I thought he was allin for 25, so I popped it to 75, fold fold, and I start to grab 50 back, but he says all-in, and I snap call. He tables AK (with the Ace of spades) turna and river brick out. I double up. Now sitting with just under 600. Finally left at 11 with 570. Pretty good night. I made some good plays and got lucky when I needed to.

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