Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let's Go Golfing. YAY!

Played all weekend, finally had 3 consecutive winning sessions. The first two weren't that big (75 on thurs and a measly 25 on friday) - but after a bad run I was on, I'll take those. Then headed out on saturday and sat down at the start of the day (noon). Bought in for 100, and built it up and down then a few hands came up, guy to my right raises to 6, I re-raise to 20 with AA, one caller. Initial raiser asks me why I did that, and finally pushes (~115) I go all in for about 95. other guy folds. AA vs AA. Weeeeeee. He four-flushes on the river. Oh well. I move past it, I am now going to try to stop complaining about bad beats and suckouts. I rebuy for another 100, and fold for a few hands finally AQ in EP, I limp, guy two to my right raises to 6 (I've seen him do that with suited aces, and dry aces as well as suited connectors. One guy calls and I re-pop it to 20. He calls other guy folds. Flop is 554 (two hearts). I c-bet 20, he min raises me, I think for a few seconds and push for 80, he calls. He flips Ah9h. My AQ holds.

We were shorthanded for awhile, just because there were hardly anyone to fill seats and people got up to take a walk. So I limped with 5c3c. 3 to flop. 7c4c3h. Checks to me, I bet 3 and both call. Turn 6c for my straight flush (At the dunes if you get a straight flush, you win a putter). I win a small pot.
I went card dead for quite a while then turned things around when I c-bet a 10 high flop with AQ, one guy min raises me, and I push, he folds. I had built my stack up to about 350 at one point then spewed chips off, finally went down to 107, and I'm ready to leave. UTG I raise to 7, a few callers and the BB re-raises to 20 (I've seen him 3bet and 4bet with AQ, AJ, small pairs already, overvaluing big cards) I decide to push for 107. Folds back to him and he says "You got aces or kings? I gotta call." He flips AQ, and I say "good call" and flip 10s7s. I flop the flush. :)

I re-built my stack up to about 300, and I'm now ready to leave at about 9pm, however, about 5-6 people I've never played against before sit down and all buy in for 50-100 and they look like fish, so I decide to stay. I got up to about 400, and I raise pre with K9o, and have 3 callers. Flop is QJ10. Checked to me, I bet 10, guy to my left raises to 25, folds to EP and he pushes for 70ish, I re-push putting them both allin. The 25 raiser thinks for awhile saying he can't fold and has gotta call, pump fakes it, and finally puts it in. First guy has KJ, I had K9, next guy had QJ, turn and river brick, I win. Got my stack up to just under 700. I play small pots til the end of the night and leave when the poker room closes at 2:30am. A nice 14 hour session (minus a few walks and a supper break). Left up 390 and a putter.

In another news, I maybe going to Vegas in April to play in one or two of the Venetian Deep Stack tourneys. Not sure yet, need to pay for my glasses and a few things. Ya, I will be wearing glasses soon, however, I won't be needing them all the time, just to watch TV and movies and drive at night.
Til next time, have fun.

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