Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick Update

After starting my discipline challenge. I am currently 33-19 in the $2 HU (profit of $20.20) and decided to take a stab at the $5 and went 0-1, for an overall profit of $14.95 from when I started on wednesday.

As for the Pokerstars bankroll building challenge, I started with just over $11 in my account, after 7 sessions (320 hands) I am up $7.09 While writing this, I am in my 8th session, 18 hands in and up $1.55. I am just over $5 away from moving to the 2c/5c NL level.

So far it is going well on my discipline, you would think by moving down to the micro limits I would be playing every single hand, but seeing how big pots are, it isn't worth playing every hand, and going broke.

I wonder how I am gonna be when I get back to playing 1/2NL, or 2/5NL live, will I go back to my regular playing style, or actually use some of this discipline?
For example, I regularly would play suited connectors in MP, even in EP, but playing 1c/2c, I am folding them in EP, and playing them in LP (as I would do in live games)

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