Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lets see, here.....

This past weekend at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas the 2nd Annual Dream Team Poker Challenge took place, $500/head, teams of three. I am looking at possibly entering it next year, anyone interested? Let me know.
Off to the Dunes tonight to play live for the first time in just over 2 weeks. Hopefully I learned some kind of discipline from the past two weeks. Also, hope I win the trip to Vegas.
Online update:
PStars: I did some stupid shizz; I am currently up 0.82 from when I started 2 weeks ago. I WAS up almost $12. This past Wednesday, I took some bad hits, and dropped a bit, and then I took a few days off from Stars and played again yesterday. Was up about .30 after 5 hands or so, then about an orbit later, there was a King high straight on board, I bet a tiny amount, and the person pushed, I was thinking “Did they get there with a runner runner broadway?” I didn’t see it and called, and ya, they got there with the ace. *See note in FTilt update* So after 15 hands I dropped another $3.
FTilt: After a bad start last Wednesday, I kinda turned it around Wednesday night. Then at work Thursday morning, I decided I was gonna take the day off from playing, but as usual, as the day dragged on, I decided to play. And I was glad I did. This is how I did on the weekend:
Thursday: 15-5 ($17)
Friday: 13-11 ($0.40)
Saturday: 29-16 ($19.25)
Sunday: 18-15 ($1.05)
Monday: 16-16 (-$4.80)
Yesterday, didn’t go that great, I think my highest streak was +2. In alot of my matches, I had people down to less than 400 in chips (3K in play) and I would double them up, and they would come back to win it. One guy, kept pushing with 40, 60, 100 in the pot, finally, I asked him if he would like to gamble, or play poker, then he stopped. The guy had less than 1000 in chips. He pushes on the button, I call. AQ vs Ks8s. He flops flush. Very next hand, I min raise on button with AhQh. He pushes again (putting me all-in), I call. He has AsJs. Flop : Qs4h8s. Board ran out: Ts 2s. After thinking about it, yesterday, I should have been atleast 18-14. Ya, I got lucky to win some of my matches, but I had a few people down to the nitty gritty and they got lucky short stacked, and came back to win.
*PStars hand: In one of my FTilt matches, the board ran out 10-9-7-8-6, I had the J, for the higher straight, my opponent, bet about 1/3 the pot, and I snap pushed, knowing they were gonna call thinking they were gonna chop. And they did call. Afterwards, they typed to me saying that they didn’t think I had the Jack.
So far after almost 2 weeks of this, I am not getting tired of it, in the past I would be, wanting to play higher stakes. I am currently up $43.25 on FTilt after 253 HU matches.

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