Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm on a big binge right now. But don't worry, its not anything bad, I have downloaded a whole bunch of poker shows. Stuff ranging from all seasons of HSP, 2007, 08 and 09 of NBC HU, I Bet You, PPT, APPT, a series called Tilt (dunno, but we'll have to check that out), WSOPE 07 and 08, Aussie Millions, HSG (High Stakes Golf), I would also like to watch WSOG (World Series of Golf) - but I can't find that, also downloaded the BC Poker Championship (the one Negreanu won last year).
I have alot of shows to watch. And its great because I just bought speakers for my laptop, so now things sound so much better. But I'm not sure if I'll watch them before the summer, just so I have some new things to watch while at the lake. Speaking of the lake, I'm gone on June 4th (maybe a week earlier if mgmt lets me go up with them like I did last year.

As for my HU games on FT (I started this on Mar 18):
$2s : 305-223 (total 528) - win rate: 57.8%; ROI: 7.47%
$5s : 27-29 (total 56) - win rate: 48.2%; ROI: -8.12%
total: 332-252 (total 584) - win rate: 56.8%; ROI: 4.25%
I have made a profit of 74.55 since I started this. I just need that one good streak in the 5s. I am usually going like 2-3, or 1-0, or 0-1, or 4-8 or 9-6. It just gets discouraging when that happens, so I just jump back to the 2s.

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