Monday, April 13, 2009

DDC tourney last night

45 players, I busted out in about 32nd ish. But I felt I played really well.
Won the second hand of the tournament, where one guy raised pre I called with A10 and position, and two other callers, Flop was KJx, checked all around, turn A, checked to me, I bet and everyone folded. A little while later there was one guy he doubled up KK vs AQ (not against me) where there was a Q on flop. The KK had raised about 8X big blind. Anyways, later in the 25/50 level, there was a limper, I had JJ and raised to 125 (I like to play small ball poker, or atleast try to play it) and the KK guy from earlier had the whole table covered, and grabbed a stack to put me all in. The limper folded, and I thought for awhile and finally said "I'll give you some respect" and folded face up. I figured him for AA, KK, AK (in which I didnt want to flip quite yet), or even figured him for TT.
A few hands later they broke my table, and I get moved right into the BB. There was a big stack #1 to my right, someone I had never seen/played against before, and another big stack #2 about 4 to my right, another person I had never seen/played before. As well as an above average stack to my left, and I know him to be a solid player. In the SB, another fairly solid tournament player raised preflop, Big stack #2 called, folds to me, I have AA, I just smooth call, BB folds. Flop was a great un-coordinated board for me, something like K84 rainbow. I check figuring the original raiser was gonna c-bet it, but checks, big stack bets, I raise it just over minimum, they both fold. A couple hands later in cutoff, or hijack position, there was a limper, and I get AA again, I make it 250 (blinds were 50/100), everyone folds, and I lift my cards up saying that I've got a great image, and right when I lifted my cards up I see a single 100 chip ahead of me, not realizing that there was another person in the hand. OOPS. Luckily he didn't see my cards, but he ended up folding. Next level at 75/150, about 2 minutes to the break, big stack #1 (UTG tosses in 200, and gonna grab his change, dealer tells him not to. I have 88, I raise it to 350, folds back to him he re-raises me to 1700, I pause for about 5-10 seconds, finally push for 3800ish. He finally calls after 30 or so seconds. 88 vs AQo. Flop JKK, turn A. F! River was a 9 I think. I was out. Overall I felt I played really well.
I probably will play the tournament on saturday as they are expecting alot of people, but I decided I won't go to NB, unless I do really well on saturday.

As for online:
I kinda gave up on PStars. But I'm still going strong on FTilt in my HU SNG challenge. The other day, I built it up to 125ish, then had a bad streak going in the 5s so I dropped down to the 2s again and hovered between 90 and 105. I also cleared the $25 bonus in the Take 2 challenge (you have to 2 table cash games, earning a total of 1 FTP. If you play for 5 of the 10 days, you get $5, if you play for 10 of the 10 days, you get the 5, plus another 20, in which I did). I was down $10 playing .25/.50 LHE (BTW I HATE LIMIT!!!!! lol) So after the $25 I am up $15. I am sitting with about 115 in my FT account. I'm gonna play in the 5s next time I play.
Speaking of limit, I like limit stud games (even though 7 card stud hi is my worst game with omaha a close second) anyways, I have a few bucks on Doyles Room, I'm gonna try to build on there playing nothing but Limit, see if I can try to make money at that game. Who knows.

While typing this, I was thinking, in order what is my best games.....
I would probably have to go with .......

1) NLHE/Razz (both are so close that it would be tough to put one of them ahead of the other)
3) Stud Hi/Lo
4) Limit Triple Draw 2-7
5) Badugi/PLO
7) Omaha 8
8) Limit Omaha Hi
9) Stud Hi

Holy Long post!!!!

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Leon said...

Gonna host a home game on Wednesday night...then a 6-7 table mtt on last Saturday of the month.
Give me a shout