Thursday, April 2, 2009

Movin' on up!

Went out to the casino on tuesday, first time in 2 weeks. I decided I was gonna buy in for 60 (max 3 times) I think the discipline is working, as I folded some hands that I would have normally played.
hand 1 - limped MP with AQ, guy to my immediate left raises to 13, and there was 2 callers, then someone raised all in for 21, call, I had about 50 total, I wasn't planning on calling, I was either folding or pushing. I ended up folding. Flop Q9x. there was betting, in the end the guy that intially raised to 13 had 99.
hand 2 - I called a PF raise with KQ in LP, 4 to flop of QTx, SB goes all in for 38ish, call, the PF raiser raised another 70 or so. I folded, figuring he had either AQ, two pair or a set. The guy in the middle folded, saying he had a weak Q. SB had JT, other guy TT for a set. Turn J, river brick.
Within half an hour I went broke, lost JJ to AA. about 45 minutes or so later broke again. Don't remember what happened. Finally I had AJ PF I raised and had 4 callers, Flop was A25. Chk I pushed, everyone folded but the guy to my right who had called. He had 4-6 for the gutshot. I held. Little while later had JJ UTG and had every one fold on the flop. An orbit or two later I was BB, and there was a $7 straddle on, I think everyone called except for 2. BB I have AQ. I squeeze to 35. 1 caller. Qxx flop - 2 spades. I bet 41 he calls. Turn bricks, I push for 96, he tanks and finally calls, I truthfully didn't want him to call. He had 10-10. I hold and double up. I left after they made the Las Vegas draw which I didnt win. I was up $120. Felt good.

Last night I started off terrible on FT, going 2-4 when I stopped to watch LOST, came back afterwards, and finished the night off, 16-8. I have broke the $110 mark, and will now be playing the $5 HU SNGs. I started playing two weeks ago, and have played 292 $2's (record of 169-123), and played 4 $5's (record of 3-1). Since starting this: My Overall Win Rate is 58.1%, and my overall ROI is 8.82% (not the negative it says on Sharkscope, that has previous SNGs that I played awhile ago.

My goals for this are as follows:
-By the time I head to the lodge (May 31) I want to be playing in the $10s.
-By summers end (there is wireless at the lake this year, so I can play online) is to be playing regularly in the $20s (with the occasional game in the $30s)
-By Halloween playing regularly in the $30s (with the occasional game in the $40s or $50s)
The following two can and probably change when that time comes around:
-By years end playing regularly the $40s or $50s (with the occasional game in the $80s or $100s) - I will decide which I will be playing when I get there
-By Apr 1/10, playing regularly in either the $80s or $100s. (with the occasional game in the $110s - if I'm playing in the 80s, or in the $160s if I'm playing in the $100s)

I don't think those are unreasonable goals, something that I could easily do. I'll keep you updates as to how that goes.

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