Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plane Landing

Saw this on P5s, could you imagine being in the plane?:
Click here

Meanwhile, I started wed on FT with ~$157, by midday (when I stopped for the afternoon) I was up to about $168, went over to Clayton's to watch Lost and play some more, when I left I was down to $129. Uggh. After Lost I went 0-6 (2 $5 games, and 4 $2 games) I just was running gross there, had KK cracked by Q8 (money went all in on flop of 8 high) spikes trips on river, lost JJ to K7, 7 on flop, K on river. It was gross. I think the whole day I went something like 2-10 in flips.
I played 2 $2s today, and went 1-1, I just don't feel like playing at all today. I originally was gonna move up in limits when I had 20 buyins for the next level for the $5s I was gonna move up at $105 ($5+0.25), but I decided I am gonna move up in limits when I hit 25 buyins, figure it wouldn't be as bad when I hit the bigger limits with the better players, I may even move it to 30 BIs. When I hit 20 BIs I will play a game or two in the new level just to get accustomed to it.

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