Friday, April 10, 2009

Yoga - hummmmmmmmmm!

I have decided I am gonna play the Dunes tournament on sunday, as well as the 18th, just to get a feel for MTTs again as I have decided I am gonna play in the North Battlefords tournament on the 19th. So if anyone that lives in NB, and frequents the casino there, let me know as I would like you to register me, and when I show up that day I will pay you back. Its terrible that you can't register over the phone, or online, or even at one of the other SIGA casinos.

As for my bad run, its still happening, BUT, I'm being optimistic since today and yesterday they aren't sick ones. I will flop top 2, they person will hit their open ender on the turn. Perhaps, it could be coming to an end? Lets hope so.
Tonight, I maybe attending my first yoga class. I need persuasion to go, since I am a very lazy person. I probably will end up going.

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