Monday, April 20, 2009

The weekend's tournaments

Played saturday's tournament at the Dunes, and went out early, lost JJ to AA on a 10 hi flop.

Went out to North Battleford on sunday for their tournament, 5K starting stack, 20 minute levels, NO ANTES!!!! In the first couple levels I had my stack up to about 5300, then was at 3500 at one point, when UTG limped, I limped behind with KJ, button limped, SB completed, BB checked. Flop KJJ, check check check i check, button bets (don't remember what the pot or bet were) folds to me, I call. Turn Quads. I check pretty sure that he was gonna bet again having a K. He bets 600, I call. river blank, I thought he might bet it again, so I check, he checks behind showing a K, I say quads and scoop a nice pot putting me to almost 6000. At the break I was at 6600, Didnt get anything going in the next hour was down to 4800, then stole a few pots in a row, stole the blinds on button, 2 hands later UTG limps, I raise with KQ, folds back to him he calls, and flop of ATx, he checks i cbet and fold. break in a couple hands, I get up to 7400. After the break, I had my stack up to 8800 ish (average stack) then UTG I raised with AJ (wanting to just take the blinds) finally the SB (shortstack) tanks and finally pushes, BB folds. he has QJ, AJ high wins. He tells me that is the third time I have knocked him out of tournaments. An orbit later, I was on SB, button open limps, I have QdTd, I complete, BB checks. AT3 I bet 1300 into 2400 (blinds were 400/800) BB calls, button folds. turn Q, it crossed my mind he might have KJ for the straight, but didn't think he would call terrible odds to chase it down (esp since he had a big stack), So i thought he had a weak Ace, A9 A8 something like that. So I bet 3100, he min raises me (I have 7K) I put it all in, he calls the extra 1K, I say two pair, he says straight, I bust. If I would have won, I would have ~20K and alot to bully the table around. Instead I was driving back to Saskatoon. I wasn't upset because I was pleased with the way I played, even my quad hand. I only think I should have led out on the turn, but I thought about it on the break but by me checking on the river, everyone else at the table seeing that i check on the river, I can get a chance to check on the river with a mediocre hand later in the tournament and have a better showdown value, that they may think I am checking with a big hand in the likes to check raise. However, that didn't happen.

FT HU challenge:
didn't play yesterday since I was in NB, but on saturday I played my 500th HU game on FT. MY record so far is 283-217. Win rate of 56.6%

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