Thursday, May 7, 2009

Figured it out

While playing around on Sharkscope on the weekend, I can do a search with a whole bunch of different criteria, so I managed to do a search from the Mar 18, all my HU SNGs, and this is what my graph looks like:

Its great to see this coming together. A little update: I am 442-332 (win rate of 57.1%) avg ROI of 5.63%. Weeeeeeeee.

Atleast I can say that my graphs don't look like these:
I'm not gonna say who they are, all I can say is that I think these two guys (or girls) should quit poker. They both have the cute little fishy jumping out of the bowl on Sharkscope.

First guy has played 5300 games, avg stake of $2, avg ROI of -27%, for a total of -$3542

Second guy has played 890 games (30 more than me), avg stake of $5, avg ROI of -58%, for a total of -$2970.

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