Friday, May 15, 2009

Nut Flush on River, and I Can't Bet It

Last night I headed out to the Dunes to play some live cash. Bought in for $160, was up and down, went down to about 80, in the early goings, lost a decent pot to put me there, then the next hand I had 88 on button, I raised (this was the 3rd button I had raised in a row), flop was 87x, checked to me (I had 60 left, pot was 50, didn't want to push overbet), so I checked, turn was a 10, guy bet 30, I pushed, he called, I flipped my flopped top set, he flips 10-9, I hold.
Less than an orbit later either UTG or UTG +1, I had JJ, I raised and had 3 callers. Flop was KxK, I bet, 1 caller, turn low card, I bet again he calls (now I'm figuring him for a king, and unless a J hits river, I'm checking. River, another K, I now figure him for not having a king, I bet again, he tanks for about 30 seconds, and finally calls, flipping AA. Hmmmm. Not much else happened til later (I moved seats). Played extremely tight as I wasn't getting any cards worth playing, finally I decided to see a flop with Ac9c in the cutoff, after one person (fish - loose player, sees 9/10 flops, doesn't bet unless he hit somehow) limped, button folds, SB raises to 15, fish calls, I decide to see a flop - QcQsJc, SB checks, fish bets 15, I tank (when I say I tank, it means that I'm not insta-calling/insta-raising - I'm thinking things through), finally call, SB calls. Turn 2s, SB checks, fish bets 15 again, I finally call, SB calls, river 2c. SB checks, fish hesitantly checks, I tank, thinking if I can value bet it, I'm thinking that the SB could have something along the lines of AQ wanting to check-raise the river, I'm thinking since the fish likes to see flops he could be playing a deuce, so I finally shrug my shoulders, say I can't bet and flip my cards for the nut flush, and they both muck - fish showing a J, after the hand, the SB says he had Kings.
I spewed some chips off, finally after one limper, one guy raises to 10, I have KK, and re-raise to 35, folds back to him and it looked like he wanted to re-raise but he flats, flop 10 high, he checks, I bet 40, he puts me all in, and I snap call, he has QQ, I hold. Folded for another orbit, I have KK again, I raise to 12, a LAG asian, re-raises to 25, folds to me, I re-pop it to 82, he calls, flop is Q22, I go all in for ~140, he snap calls, shows QQ, FML. I leave, but I wanted to stay, as one of my buddies moves right beside me and we were gonna play "What Lodden thinks", I think it would be fun to play that.

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