Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer SCOOP

Found out this past week that I might be going up early to the lodge. They asked me if I would be willing to go up early, and I said yes. Thursday I found out that it is 95% sure I'm going up on the 15th of May as opposed to June 4. Which is an extra 20 days of working. I am excited to get up to the lake. I have almost everything purchased for it, just a few little things to buy. I am planning on drinking ALOT as I have already spent about $700 on alcohol. And if you know me, I don't drink that much to begin with. But that is for the whole summer. Reason why its so much is because it is alot of wines and premium vodkas (I like my vodka and caesars) Speaking of caesars, I am planning on making a caesar slurpee sometime this summer. Lets hope that works out well. LOL.

And now onto poker news, since Vegas I have played two or three times. The one day I played a couple of the rush SNGs, and a couple days played a bit of cash on Ultimate Bet (I want to either run that account up or go busto) I don't have much in there anyways.
Now the SCOOP events I'm playing are:

May 2 - 11am(MT) - SCOOP-01-M $215 (NLHE, 6max - $1M guaranteed)
May 4 - 3pm(MT) - SCOOP-07-L $16.50 (NLHE, Heads Up - $100k guaranteed)
May 6 - 3pm(MT) - SCOOP-12-L $27 (NLHE, Knockout - $100k guaranteed)
May 8 - 12pm(MT) - SCOOP-16-L $22 (NLHE, Quadruple Shootout, 10max - $150k guaranteed)
May 8 - 6pm(MT) - SCOOP-18-L $22 (FLHE, Turbo - $25k guaranteed)
May 11 - 6pm(MT) - SCOOP-26-L $11 (NLHE - $100k guaranteed)

Event 1 - I won my ticket via the blog ME a few months ago
Event 7 - Actually won a seat into one of the HORSE SCOOP events, and just unregistered and then registered for this one instead
Event 12 - Bought into it
Event 16 - Got a $22 ticket from Pokerstars by doing 5 different things in the past couple months (the 4 blog posts and becoming a fan of theirs on Facebook)
Event 18 - Won a $5 FLHE satty
Event 26 - Finished 4th in a competition that the PokerRoad Forums were running during March Madness where a few people put up stakes to the top 6 people. Top 3 were $24+2 stakes, and 4-6 were $10+1 stakes. I finished 4th, and got a stake from someone and he said (before the games started) his stake is 70 player/30 backer, so I hope I can make him some money.

One of my buddies is running a $200 HU tourney this saturday, I wish I could play it, but after deciding to take a break I am not, he asked if I wanted a horse, I said I would but I'm also working that day. So that is out. Oh well, even though I'm trying so hard to push for a HU tourney at the Dunes (I know that will never happen :( I told him maybe next time.

I'll try to update before I leave for the lake, on a recap on my SCOOP tourneys. Hopefully, there will be a really good post where I finished with a very nice chunk of change.

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