Monday, May 10, 2010

AQ is the last hand

So, I plyed a few more SCOOP tourneys this past week. In particular all the low events on tues (PL 5 card draw, HU tourney, then the $11 NLHE) and in all of them I busted fairly close to the bubble, except for the HU tourney, where I had the first round bye, but busted in the 2nd round. Then plyed the knockout tourney on thursday, and lost a big pot in the early going w QJ on a QJx flop and the guy had JJ. Then plyed the shootout on saturday and lost 66 to a guys 98. Then the FLHE saturday evening (this one I went fairly deep, but still busted shy of the money)
For the SCOOPs I am atleast up money (due to the 6max tourney)
As for AQ as the last hand, I went and plyed the Dunes tourney last night for the last time for the summer since I'm heading to the lake this coming friday. And I lost a big pot w AA when I folded to an all-in on the turn on a board of 4c3c3h-5c. Still putting him on A3. Then an orbit later down to 1750 in chips on BB of 100, guy raised to 300, two calls, I shove a AQhh, big stack (the possible A3 guy) calls it. Has 44, and he holds.
That is my last hand of poker until minimum July 1.
So by that, you prolly won't see many posts here either.
Til then.....Bye!

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