Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Past month (very little poker related)

I have been at the lake for the past 30+ days. In these 30+ days, I have seen 2 different snowfalls that have dropped an accumulative 7 or so inches of snow on us, in addition to roughly a 22 hour power outage. The first guests showed up June 10th. Since being here, I have went from cooking for ~12 people to 10 to 8 to 5. There was 5 of us here at one point. It was a great, and quiet time. Then we were up to about 12, then a few more stragglers throughout a few days, then all of a sudden on the 4th of June there was over 50 of us here.
I haven't played any poker since May 9th. I can truthfully say that I haven't missed playing, and I have had the urge to play a few times but haven't. I have however, been following the WSOP. I was hoping that durrrr won that event.
Dunno if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I have drank everyday being up here. Which by my usual standards, is very high. I actually finished a bottle of wine off by myself in about 3 and a half hours without feeling a buzz.
I have also started exercising the first day of guests showing up here. I started with a bike ride that turned from a 30 minute ride into a 'so-called' 3 hour ride. Funny story behind that.......Since we are in the middle of the wilderness (bears, wolves etc) we are to tell someone that we are going for a run/bike ride. Well I did.....I said "if I'm not back in an hour consider me dead" then did a little laugh. I came back about 25 minutes later, then me and 2 other staff went fishing (they also had to break a new motor in) Well, I didn't say that I came back, they sent a search party out for me. Oops.
We are also desperately needing rain. Since the snowfall, we have had less than an inch and a half of rain. Which is bad seeing as there are all the trees around us, and it is really dry right now. So we don't need a forest fire. I really really hate shore days (when the guests can't go on the lake due to bad weather, and I have to cook lunch for all the staff and guests), but I would rather deal with one shore day than have to deal with a forest fire near by (where the camp could possibly be shut down), but before a camp shut down would happen, there would be a fire ban put on by the government Environment section.
Today is the 15th, it is just another 16 days til I can play poker again.

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