Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summertime is gone

Well, I was gonna read my last post as to what I said so I wouldn't repeat myself, but I forgot to. Oh well! But the fishing guests left on the 22nd. Shutdown....I mean "shooter shutdown" happened (reason for that, is that I wanted to get rid of alot of my booze for shooters), and I did. Then the staff that stayed for shutdown left. Then there were 10, then 7, and now for the past few days its been 6. It is wonderful with that few people here, really quiet.
Last saturday, I went out for a boat ride to the north end of the lake. It was rainy, and windy. The boat ride back (took about 2 hours, normally 1.5 hours) We were in 4-5 ft waves, my back was sore the next day.
Went again a couple days later (yesterday) and it was super calm weather! I also got my new PB pike as well. Measured 44.5x18" Its a fatty!
Going out fishing all day on friday.....Can't wait!
As for poker.....still haven't plyed! I'm not planning on plying until the Dakota Dunes big tourney the first weekend in Oct. I usually do good the first few tourneys when I get back. I still haven't decided if I'm gonna ply the regular sunday tourney just before that (the last one in Sept)

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