Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 New Years Resolutions

In no particular order, it is the way they came to me:

1) Make money and save money (not spending it frivolously, like eating out alot etc)
2) *** ** ****** ****** (that means, only I know what it is)
3) Get a new PB pike (little bit out of my control though, but the more I go fishing the better the chances are)
4) **** * **** ** ****
5) Get my 1st 5 figure score
6) Gain weight. I’m thinking an increase of 2 lb/week is a reasonable idea/shot. I’m gonna weigh myself every night before I go to bed. With that....instead of eating 2 big meals throughout the day, I’m gonna eat 4 small meals/snacks and 2 bigger meals. Also make them healthy meals.
7) Exercise more, and make them be more intense, than what they usually are
8) Beginning of 2010 I did cut back on pop/sweets, but late in the spring I started back on the sweets more, I also had the occasional pop. So I’m gonna keep this one going.
9) Blog once a week
10) Not play any table games this year
11) ********* **** * ***** ****

That seems like enough to keep me going, and if you ask what the stars are, I will not tell you. So don't even bother asking, and no they are not dirty (if that is what you are wondering why they are only in stars)

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