Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It has been a looooooong time, hasn't it?

It was only a couple days ago that I realized that it has been a few months since my last post. So, I think it was about time that I did an update as to what has been happening in my life and poker.
Currently writing this, I am typing it up in Pages as I don’t have access to the internet as I am on my way back from Vegas (more on that later in this post or in a post in a few days)
Also as I’m writing this, I’m not exactly too sure when my last post was (and I’m not planning on fixing it when I get online), I think it was September sometime, as I somehow vaguely recall that I did a post about bear hunting at the lake, and my sick new PB pike (45” long) that I caught.

Pretty sick huh?
Have to thank Clayton for that, as he took me fishing to the north part of the lake for that.
So I was at the lake for 130 days (I had 1 day off in that whole time), I definitely can’t complain about the weather though, we didn’t have more than 3 inches of rain for when guests were there.
After I got back to the city from the lake, less than a week later, Clayton and I started renting a condo together in Warman.

It’s kinda tough to write this while having How I Met Your Mother playing in the background. So I guess its gonna be on pause until I am done writing this, or at least writing a lot of it.

Less than 2 weeks back, was the Dunes’ big October tournament. I was playing really well in it. Never got myself in many ugly sticky spots, until about a level or 2 before the supper break, I won the hand when I called a shove from the BB, when I bet the flop with middle pair out of the SB. Then lost a key hand that would have taken me to a nice sized stack, the guy over shoved flop. We both had top pair, his kicker was better though. Then lost out the last hand before the supper break, when my 77 lost to A9ss (went running flush)

I went back to work at the University for a couple shifts, then there was no other shifts for me, so I called up Joel (the head chef at the lodge last year) and he got me a job at The Saskatoon Club cooking breakfasts again. It does suck waking up early, but I am done work early though, which is a nice thing. That is one reason why I enjoy doing breakfasts at the lake.

Nothing for poker had really happened in the few months. I never made any money in the Dunes’ sunday tournaments, but two weeks in a row I bubbled the bubble. I made it really deep in a couple $2 tournaments on Poker Stars a few weeks ago. Making it all the way to final 2 tables (when over 300 tables started).

One of the big things that has happened to me in these few months though, is that one of my buddies that lives in Las Vegas, hooked me up with a complimentary training session with David ‘The Maven’ Chickotsky. So the next time I would be in Las Vegas I can use that. Well, I was talking to David via PM last week and he was going back to Texas for Christmas, so I missed him the whole time. I suggested that we could possibly do it over Skype, and he said that could very well be arranged. Hopefully that can happen in the first couple weeks of the new year. Also, I have had some winning days, and more losing days since the lake, and I decided that if I was gonna have lost money by the time that I depart for the lake next spring, I was gonna quit playing poker, as there is no way that someone can run bad for that amount of time, that it has to be me and my playing (since the spring, however, I didn’t play any cards while at the lake) Then I decided that if I have 12 consecutive losing months, then I would quit. Right now I am on 4 month losing streak. I’m still undecided what I’m gonna do. I’m atleast gonna wait until my session with David is done. Speaking on my session with David, yesterday, my day at the poker table and the craps table (early in the day), went horribly bad, so I decided that I’m not gonna play anymore poker until my session. Another thing I decided on was that in the new year, I am not gonna play any more table games....No more Blackjack, No more Baccarat, and no more Craps (which does suck, as I really do enjoy it). I’m not gonna play any any of those games until I make money in poker.

I wish I had what my 2010 New Years Resolutions were in front of me, then I could go over them and see if any of them happened, or if I broke every single one (which I’m pretty sure had happened) I know of a few that I am gonna make for 2011, but I’m gonna wait before I post them. I want to have the full list before I do.

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