Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling confident!

Well, I had a HU condensed course with Brokerstar at TagPoker, and a week ago I had a 1 on 1 leakfinder over skype with him. I was playing the $2s before that skype. Then I was playing the $5s and last night I was taking a few shots in the $10s. I didn't put in a lot of volume, reason why I jumped so fast is because I had T$ to use and that helped build my account. Before my session I would rarely make it past round 2 of the $10.50 HU KO Turbos on Stars, In the past week, I have played 2 of those $10.50s, First one I lost in the 2nd round. I just finished another one and finished 2/256 (good for a cash of $291 (including bounties)

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Dominic said...

Hello there mate. I'm glad so hear that your confidence is going up and that the Poker Course is helping you climb the stakes.

I like to see graphs so post some when you feel you have a nice sample size.

Best of luck with the strategy and remember to never stop trying to learn.