Thursday, January 27, 2011


Guess I haven't been updating as much as I should. Since my last post, not much has changed. Had a session with Brokerstar for the HU SNGs, and I have been doing pretty good in them. I'm about 65% win rate for the year (thats about 75 games). My session with The Maven is next week.
I was signed up to play the blog tourneys this week, I forgot about it for the first couple tourneys, then played a NLHE, was playing well. After awhile a guy got moved to my table that had been opening up quite abit and being just really loose (he was a SuperNova Elite). He raised PF, I 3bet shoved he snaps with AQ, he turns the flush. Then I have 1 more ticket to use. I know I can't use it friday or saturday, so it was either wed or thurs. Thurs, it started at 1pm (I am still at work) and wed starts at 9pm (my bed time), so I used it on wed. But the tourney on Wed was a PLO8 (pretty sure the first time I've ever played that game) I was getting unbelievably lucky and running hot. I ended up finishing 88/489, I got an $11 SCOOP seat, and a seat into the blog main event on sunday.

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