Monday, January 10, 2011

The start of my re-blogging

Like I said, I'm gonna try to blog more often (hopefully once a week)
While typing this, I'm watching the BCS Championship game (Auburn v Oregon), Go Auburn. The owner of the lodge, one of his sons is the back up long snapper for AU. And Auburn just hit their 2nd interception. This will be a good game!
What else is new?
-I watched a few HU SNG videos, and since watching them, I am 7-3 (I should be minimum 8-2, but I called an over shove with bottom pair against a fish when he held an over pair)
-I have been playing alot of Call of Duty: Black Ops lately, I am currently level 3 prestige. Its gross how far some people have played (I've seen someone at level 14 prestige already)
-Gonna start going to the pool on Friday nights, starting this friday. I am looking forward to that.
-Sometime next week I'm gonna be doing my training session with The Maven. He's busy this week with playing and training other students.
-I've got the place to myself for the next week (actually for the past couple weeks I've had the place to myself), since my roommate is in Texas doing sports shows for the lodge.
Other than that, I'm not sure if anything else is new.

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